About us

Kukuli Market curates Peruvian goods for the Modern Bohemian. Our products are made by highly-skilled hands using methods passed down through generations and represent more than just design objects that bring color and life into our spaces. The dyes, raw materials, and weaving patterns reflect the culture of people who do not draw distinctions between the practical and the beautiful, but rather weave these together into one story.
Two thirds of our team is based in Peru ensuring the delivery of top quality hand crafted pieces made by local artisans with whom we have nurtured long standing relationships. We are proud to provide craftsman the opportunity to grow their businesses in a way that supports their immediate needs. We want to share those narratives, and for our clients to do the same —finding value in the unique nature of each piece. We are also dedicated to giving back to the communities with whom we do business. We have pledged to donate 5% of our proceeds to philanthropic causes and are committed to ensuring our artisans receive fair wages.

What's in a Name?

Kukuli is a Quechua word translating to dove. The Quechua people are the largest  indigenous population in South America and whose language and artistry inspire us. The dove represents flight - or the transport the Peruvian goods we carefully curate to bring to your home. It symbolically represents peace and hearkens to our modern bohemian sensibilities.
It’s not hard to be inspired by the vibrant culture of Peru. But what really makes us feel great is recognizing the lasting sense of pride that coincides with inviting artisans to be our design partners at Kukuli. We want you to know you’re a part of that too.

Fair Practices

Our values guide us to ensure our artisans receive fair pay.

Against the wave of fast fashion and immediate gratification, we intentionally created a sustainable marketplace that not only delivers superior products into the hands of people just like us - those who value handcrafted items imbued with hundreds of years of history - but also does so while valuing the time, skill and expertise of an indigenous people.
Kukuli Market provides true craftsman the opportunity to grow their businesses, in a way that supports their immediate needs. Working directly with our artisans allows them the financial means to grow their business through maximum returns. It also affords them the ability to support their families in day-to-day needs and to educate their children.