Indigo Pañone

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Spindled and hand-dyed in Tacabamba, Perú, our Pañones are multi-use textiles. Wear them as wraps, use them as wall hangings or table runners. In Perú they are traditionally used as rucksacks to carry produce or infants. 100% Peruvian Cotton. 


Known for the many archeological sites as well as a rich colonial history, Northern Perú is home to many of the best weavers of Peruvian cotton. Pima cotton as well as other varieties are grown in coastal Piura and along the edges of the Amazon. The cotton is cleaned, spindled and typically hand-dyed. Natural dyes such as indigo are used to add vibrant color and patterns woven into each piece. All of our pieces are 100% cotton and made by hand with a back strap loom.


Approximately 64"x 34"


Machine Wash Cold. Hang Dry. Due to the nature of all natural indigo dye, we recommend washing this separately.

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